The Exoneration of Emma, Joseph & Hyrum


This 680-page compilation contains hundreds of pro-LDS (Mormon) artifacts that show how the Mormon founder Joseph Smith was murdered by fellow Mormons. He and his wife, Emma, were framed with the practice of Spiritual Wifery (including polygamy) and of secret-oath temple doctrines. The artifacts herein clearly show the Smiths never espoused these doctrines and openly fought them until their deaths.


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Exonerating Emma Smith is long-overdue. It impacts all Mormon factions of Joseph Smith’s Nauvoo-based church. These include the LDS, RLDS, FLDS, Strangites, Rigdonites, Church of Christ, Snuffer movement, etc. Using pro-LDS artifacts to debunk LDS claims against Emma, members and former members of these factions can now assess their “history” more accurately, and perhaps find healing through this more reasonable, artifact-based approach to Mormon history. Compiled by a seventh-generation LDS member with former familial ties to the top patriarchy, this work evolved from one poignant question: As God’s elite and chosen people, having the one and only true church led by Christ, why are LDS communities plagued with abnormally high dysfunctional statistics? These consist of child physical and sexual abuse, spousal and female abuse, along with Utah’s three pronounced epidemics: pornography, prescription drug abuse, and teen suicide. For forty years, the author has struggled with the church’s evolving doctrines, spawned by its ever-changing history. Yet, in 2017, the church announced a third comprehensive rewrite of its “official” history, proclaiming it will be “transparent, honest, and forthright.” Only through these elements can Emma find exoneration, which would inextricably exonerate Joseph of polygamy, polyandry, pedophilia, Freemasonry, and more.

Vol. II & III Coming Soon

Volume II: The Aftermath (1844 to 1962) [currently in production as of Fall 2022]

The main storylines include: The hostile takeover of Joseph’s Church. The framing of Joseph & Emma with the Cochranite Sex Rituals (dressed-up/cleaned-up as Celestial Plural Marriage, with the same results as lipstick on a pig); the first mind-control victim in the Brighamite Church (Joseph F. Smith—murdered Hyrum’s son), and his role in destroying his murdered uncle, Joseph Smith; Brigham & Heber go rogue, splitting from their Freemason mothership after the successful hijacking of the church; End of Life confessions by Brigham Young et. al; the Freemason’s recapturing of the stolen-hijacked spoils from Brigham & Heber 54 years after their double-crossing split; the continuation of Cochranite Ritual Sex practices in Church requiring a continual, unending reworking of their doctrines and histories up until 1962.

Volume III: The Ramifications (1962 to The Present[currently in production as of Fall 2022]

The storyline includes my life history (aligning with Letters to Anita), and the ramifications of Brigham’s Cochranite Ritual Sex Doctrines and Practices that are directly responsible for the undoing of his Fraudulent Church. Brigham’s Church split into two factions over the polygamy issues, and currently exist as the ‘mainstream’ LDS & FLDS Mormon Churches.  Mainstream LDS Mormonism is trying desperately to rebrand itself as the Church of Jesus Christ, by dumping and distancing itself from Brigham’s doctrines. The Brighamite Sex Doctrines (still being practiced in the Sub-Culture/Order of the General Authorities) are directly responsible for the high- and highest-ranking National & World statistic plaguing the Utah and the Intermountain West today: namely, Child Sex Abuse, Spouse Abuse, White-Collar Prescription Drug Abuse, Child/Teen Suicides, and more.  These practices are not limited to the FLDS Church leaders (whose “prophet”, Warren Jeffs, is currently incarcerated for Child Sex Practices: the LDS President/Prophet”, Russell M. Nelson, recently avoided the Deposition Chair with his family’s Child Sex Ring (known as Covens) surfacing in late 80s through the U.S. Government’s Pedophile Protectionist Measures of the Statute of Limitations. This speaks volumes of the highly sexualized Mormon People, and its age-old pedophile prophets & apostles.

The correspondences and evidences provided to Utah Law Enforcement & the Utah Judiciary will constitute a large part of XofM Volume III, and will include the 96%-Mormon Utah Legislature’s corrupt dealings, culminating in the landmark 1984 rewriting of Utah’s Constitution, removing its citizens from U.S. Constitutional protections.

The XofM Series will finally put in order Utah’s corrupt history (on which its myriad inane and senseless laws are predicated).  It will fill in the gaps that both Utah State and the Utah Church have purposely created to hide their dark past and its disturbing sex-centric history, doctrines, and practices—that are alive, well, and thriving today: and far beyond the reach of justice.


Ronald Meldon Karren is a non-ideologue, eclectically-centrist problem solver with a degree in Political Science and International Relations. Corroborating with some of the nation’s leading physicians and CEOs, Karren has helped devise better alternatives to broken systems and industries. In Where Your Money Went and How to Take It Back, he systematically remedies several aspects of corrupt Wall Street and inefficient banking sectors. With this same tenacity and audacity, he confronts the errant LDS history and narratives, which through self-diagnosis, he feels is the root cause of the failed LDS culture and of its statistically-failing people.


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